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Two construction workers dead after scaffolding collapses near Disney World

Two construction workers fell six stories to their deaths early Wednesday morning after the scaffolding they were standing on collapsed. The workers were pouring concrete for a new hotel near Orlando, Florida, just outside Disney World. A third man survived by hanging onto part of the scaffold and pulling himself to safety. The men were working on the $282 million JW Marriott Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort, scheduled to open in 2019. It is owned and developed by private equity group DCS Investment Holdings, which is owned by Dwight C. Schar, co-owner of the Washington Redskins. The construction project is still ... Read More

Seattle-based manufacturer cited, fined for worker safety violations

The Washington Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) cited National Products Inc., and slapped the company with $253,320 in fines for more than two dozen serious and willful worker safety and health violations. The violations at the Seattle-based manufacturer of electronics mounting systems and other products were discovered during three separate inspections earlier this year. One of the inspections was conducted by L&I after a worker was burned by molten aluminum. Workers were carrying molten aluminum from one machine to another in ladles slung over their backs. They were also not wearing proper personal protection equipment, which put them at ... Read More

Worker accident halts construction in part of Razorback Stadium

A construction worker on the third-floor lobby of the Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville was hospitalized after he fell from a ladder while doing ceiling work. University Police Deputy David Robertson said it appeared the man may have touched a hot wire and gotten thrown off the ladder. Another worker caught the man. The unidentified fall victim was “alert” and breathing when he was loaded onto the ambulance mid-morning Wednesday. He was taken to Washington Regional Medical Center, Robertson said. CDI Contractors stopped work in the Frank Broils Athletic Center, located at the north ... Read More

Netflix documentary reveals dangers of medical devices

The Netflix documentary The Bleeding Edge, directed by Kirby Dick, casts a dim light on the $400 billion-dollar medical device industry and the regulatory agency charged with protecting consumers against dangerous drugs and medical devices. The documentary focuses on several people who received or were treated with a medical device – from vital devices like hip implants and blood clot catchers to elective ones like breasts implants and contraceptive devices. These patients trusted their devices were safe, but later found the products were never tested for safety and efficacy, learning they were essentially guinea pigs. One patient is an orthopedic ... Read More

U.S. Fights Opioid Epidemic With New Newark/Philadelphia Strike Force

The federal government is expanding its efforts to combat the nation’s opioid crisis and health care fraud with a new regional Medicare Fraud Strike Force operation for the Newark and Philadelphia areas. The Newark/Philadelphia Medicare Strike Force location is the tenth region-specific operation. All of the Strike Force locations monitor health care activity in a specific region for fraud affecting government health care programs. The growing crisis of opioid abuse and addiction has not just harmed tens of thousands of individuals and their families across the U.S., it has also taken its toll on the Medicare program, which loses billions ... Read More

Maryland Natural Gas Explosion Victims Waiting for Answers

More than two years after a natural gas explosion destroyed a Maryland apartment building, killing seven people and injuring dozens more, residents are still waiting for the results of a federal investigation. Residents of the Flower Branch Apartment complex in Silver Spring, Maryland, complained repeatedly about the smell of natural gas on the premises before one of the buildings exploded just before midnight on Aug. 10, 2016. The natural gas explosion leveled much of the building, killing Saeda Ibrahim, 41; Augusto Jimenez Sr., 62; Maria Auxiliadorai Castellon-Martinez, 53; Aseged Mekonen, 34; Deibi “David” Samir Lainez Morales, 8; Fernando Josue Hernandez ... Read More

Fentanyl used in death row inmate execution in Nebraska

The state of Nebraska not only carried out its first execution in 21 years, it also was the first death sentence in the country to be carried out using the potent opioid fentanyl. Fentanyl is a deadly synthetic opioid and the most common drug involved in fatal overdoses in the United States, according to the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Fentanyl is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine and is typically used to treat severe pain after surgery and chronic pain in patients who are physically tolerant to other opioids. Fentanyl misuse and abuse is a ... Read More

FEMA chief addresses sexual harassment following investigation of agency’s HR director

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Administrator William “Brock” Long sent all employees an email describing the seven-month-long investigation into sexual harassment allegations involving the agency’s former personnel chief and discussed measures he was taking to address the issue including mandatory training, new counseling services, and a new office to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct. FEMA personnel chief Corey Coleman, who resigned from his post at the FEMA headquarters in June under allegations of sexual harassment, had been the source of complaints dating back to 2015. Coleman was a senior executive bringing in an annual salary of $177,150, and oversaw the ... Read More

OSHA panel considers roofing company’s excessive heat exposure fine

Mark Rainey’s first day on the job for A.H. Sturgill Roofing Inc., ended tragically when, after five hours working in direct sunlight under hot temperatures, the 60-year-old man developed heat stroke, was admitted to the hospital with a core body temperature of 105.4 degrees, and died 21 days later. Sturgill Roofing was fined $8,820, but the three-member Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission could toss out that fine because the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) doesn’t have specific regulations for heat. Not only does that make it harder to prove that the roofing company is at fault, it could ... Read More

Giant Hogweed Plant Leaves Virginia Teen With Third-Degree Facial Burns

A Virginia teen is recovering from third-degree burn injuries he developed after coming in contact with a Giant Hogweed plant while working a landscaping job. Alex Childress, 17, of Spotsylvania, was clearing vegetation on the job July 12 when he thought he was feeling the effects of a sunburn on his face. He continued working throughout the day, not realizing the actual danger he was in, Newsweek reports. When he returned home, he took a shower and found the skin on his face and arm was peeling away, much like it would after a severe sunburn. His mother, a nurse ... Read More