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New Parachute Pipeline Planned after Benzene Spill

The natural gas pipeline responsible for the major leak that contaminated Parachute Creek in Garfield County, Colorado, is scheduled for replacement. The Daily Sentinel reports that Williams, a leading gas company in the North America region, is making plans to replace the liquid gas pipeline after the U.S. Department of Transportation declared authority to regulate the line. Williams hopes to launch the replacement plan this year, which involves the installation of a new line about 2,000 feet in length and 6 inches in diameter. The line will be fed through a bore 400 feet in length at least 17 feet beneath Parachute Creek. The ... Read More

Children diagnosed with leukemia after living close to bulk-oil terminal contribute to benzene concerns

Jarrett McElheney was a normal 4-year-old boy in Athens, Ga. He loved swimming in an inflatable pool in the family’s yard. He was energetic and fun-loving, until he was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia, or ALL. While in the hospital’s waiting room, Jarrett’s parents, Jill and Jeff McElheney, found out that a neighbor’s child had also been diagnosed with leukemia. Jarrett’s doctor wrote a letter to federal environmental regulators describing the two children’s close proximity to Southeast Terminals, one of the nation’s 1,500 bulk-oil terminals, containing gasoline, diesel and fuel oil. The doctor requested that the refinery owners, BP and TransMontaigne, investigate whether or not ... Read More

Several reports of rare, paralyzing disease along U.S.-Mexico border

Two dozen people along the Arizona-Mexico border have developed a rare, life-threatening illness often linked to a bacterial infection transmitted through food or water. The cluster of cases of Guillain-Barre Syndrome were reported in Yuma County, Arizona, and just across the border in San Luis Rio Colorado in Mexico’s northern Sonora state. Seven of the 24 cases were reported in the United States, and the remaining 17 were diagnosed in Mexico. Guillain-Barre Syndrome is a rare autoimmune disease that typically affects only one in 100,000 people each year. It causes muscle weakness and tingling in the arms and legs, which ... Read More

Maryland county settles UST violations with EPA

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has reached a settlement with the Frederick County, Maryland, board of county commissioners over multiple violations of federal underground storage tank regulations. According to the EPA, Frederick County owns and operates three underground storage tanks, yet it failed to uphold federal regulations and safety measures designed to protect the land and water from becoming contaminated by substances released from underground tanks. The County agreed to pay penalties of $4,600 for failing to maintain release detection records on three tanks between March and December 2007. The EPA also found that the county never performed automatic leak ... Read More

Family’s water contaminated by leaking gas station tanks

A leaking underground storage tank on the premises of an old, defunct gas station in Keswick, Virginia, demonstrates how destructive a seemingly innocuous fuel tank leak can be. A report by Charlottesville News & Arts tells the story of David and Holli Traud, who bought a brand-new home just east of Charlottesville last year. However, when they moved in, they noticed that the tap water in their new home had a strange smell and bad taste. At first the Trauds assumed the water’s bad odor and taste came from being unused, so they gave it the benefit of the doubt ... Read More