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Water treatment plant employee files Whistleblower Retaliation lawsuit

A former manager of a water treatment plant is suing the city of Apopka, Florida, in federal court, alleging he was terminated as punishment for raising concerns about poor working conditions at the plant and conditions that threaten public health and safety. Whistleblower Glen Brooks, who worked at the Apopka water treatment plant for 14 years before he was fired in September, says the city’s newly elected mayor in 2014 conspired with three other city officials to “cover up and violate the law as to the illegal conduct and unsafe conditions” at the plant. The complaint also claims the same ... Read More

Federal Judge Partially Rejects Whistleblower’s Fraud Suit Against Lance Armstrong

Cyclist Lance Armstrong will not have to pay back sponsorship money he received from the U.S Postal Service (USPS), a federal judge said Monday in a summary judgement that gave the disgraced Tour de France champion a partial victory in his ongoing legal battle with the U.S. government. Former teammate Floyd Landis sued Mr. Armstrong on behalf of the U.S. government in 2010, alleging the seven-time Tour de France champion defrauded the U.S. government by taking sponsorship money from the U.S. Postal Service while he was doping. Mr. Armstrong had for years denied rumors and allegations by others in the cycling word that he was doping before ... Read More