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BP oil spill pollutants turn up in migratory pelicans nesting in Minnesota

Petroleum compounds from BP’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico two years ago and some of the chemicals used to clean it are being found in pelican colonies nesting in Minnesota, according to a report by Minnesota Public Radio. Tens of thousands of pelicans descend on Marsh Lake in the western part of the state each year after wintering on the Gulf of Mexico. The birds span out across the Gulf, going as far south as Cuba to escape the colder weather. This year, some 34,000 American White Pelicans are raising about 17,000 chicks on Marsh Lake, making it ... Read More

BP preparing for deep, remote arctic drilling

With all eyes fixated on the oil crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, BP is stealthily moving toward what could easily be this country’s (and the world’s) next environmental catastrophe: Deep-sea drilling in remote reaches of the Arctic. But will the Minerals Management Service (MMS) stop it? According to a report that appeared in Rolling Stones magazine, no. Many environmentalists assert that President Obama’s moratorium on offshore drilling is nothing more than a stall tactic engineered to allow the public’s anger to abate before MMS gives BP and other oil giants the green light to drill in an area that ... Read More

Distraught Alabama charter boat captain commits suicide

An Alabama charter boat captain, distraught over the oil slick that is causing large-scale destruction of fish and marine wildlife along the Gulf coast, has apparently taken his own life. William Allen Kruse, 55, of Foley, Alabama, was found dead on his boat with a gunshot to his head Wednesday morning around 7:30 a.m. Kruse operated his charter service out of Gulf Shores. Like many vessel operators and fishermen whose regular way of life was destroyed by the oil spill, he wound up on BP’s payroll as one of the cleanup and containment workers. Baldwin County coroner Stan Vinson told ... Read More

Oil spill hearings continue, failures revealed, blame game intensifies

Executives from BP, Transocean, Halliburton, and other corporations tied to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill appeared before the House Energy and Commerce Committee today trying to explain why their “failproof” systems failed, creating an unprecedented threat to the wildlife, industries and communities along the Gulf Coast. BP’s internal documents, which were marked as “classified,” but declassified today by Congress, revealed that the corporation was dealing with a quagmire of deep-sea technological failures and procedural problems when the offshore oil rig it was leasing from Transocean exploded on April 20. The hearings uncovered evidence that suggested engineers working for the companies failed ... Read More

BP seeks Houston judge and courtroom for oil spill lawsuits

With Texas Governor Rick Perry claiming that the Deepwater Horizon oil spill may have been “just an act of God” that nobody could have prevented, and with so many of our country’s biggest oil companies and former leaders firmly rooted in the Lone Star state, BP knows it has a friend or two in Texas. That’s why the oil giant has asked the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation to consolidate nearly 100 lawsuits filed against it under U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes of the Southern District of Texas in Houston. Lawsuits have been filed in every Gulf Coast state, ... Read More

Group uses hair and animal fur to clean up oil spills

As the massive oil slick spreads throughout the northern Gulf of Mexico, a number of grassroots organizations that focus on oil spill cleanup are coming to light. Matter of Trust, for instance, is a San Francisco-based charitable operation that finds uses for manmade and natural surpluses in healthy, environmentally friendly ways. One of the surpluses Matter of Trust uses is human and pet hair, which the organization’s workers convert into oil recovery mats and booms used to combat oil spills. Human and animal hair (including waste wool clippings) and feathers are naturally extremely oil absorbent, so they are the perfect ... Read More