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Window blinds: what you don’t know can hurt young children, CPSC says

Window blinds are a common household necessity that many of us don’t even consider when assessing safety in our homes. However, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has made its goal to change people’s mindsets on window blinds by reminding consumers the hidden dangers surrounding exposed cords. According to ABC 6, mother Nicci Walla was videotaping her children in 2002 when she realized her 4-year-old son had become entrapped in the cords of a window blind and was in distress. By the time she reached him, he had lost consciousness. She dialed 911 and while attempting to get an ... Read More

October is Window Covering Safety Month

On average, a child dies from strangling in window cords every month in the United States. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) had declared October “Window Covering Safety Month” in order to promote awareness about products they consider one of the top five “hidden hazards” in the home. According to the CPSC, 184 infants and young children died from strangling in window cords between 1996 and 2012. Additionally, more than 100 non-fatal strangulation incidents were reported. The CPSC encourages parents and caregivers of young children to use only cordless window coverings or coverings with inaccessible cords. On October 8, the CPSC ... Read More

Window blind recall expanded; strangulation hazard to children

Collier Ursprung was a year and a half old when his parents walked into his bedroom and found the toddler standing in his crib with the cord of a window blind wrapped three times around his neck. “As he pulled it kept getting tighter,” his father, Robert, told ABC News. “We just averted a disaster that could have changed our lives forever.” Collier is one of a surprisingly long list of young children who have been injured or killed by window coverings during the past 15 years – five deaths and 16 near-strangulations with Roman blinds since 2006, and three ... Read More