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Multistate Campylobacter Outbreak Linked To Petland Puppies

Federal and state health officials are investigating an outbreak of human Campylobacter infection linked to puppies sold at or through Petland, a pet store chain with retail locations in several states. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Petland Campylobacter outbreak has infected 39 people in seven states: Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Wisconsin. Those are only confirmed infections, and as outbreaks of pet-to-person illnesses go, many cases almost certainly go unreported. Of the confirmed infections, a dozen are employees of Petland stores in four states and 27 either purchased a puppy at ... Read More

OriGen recalls defective catheters

OriGen Biomedical is recalling two lots of its VV28F Reinforced Dual Lumen ECMO Catheters because the clear extension tube may separate from the hub that it is inserted in, which could cause damage or impairment to the patient if there is not immediate intervention. To date, one adverse event related to these recalled products has been reported. The VV28F Reinforced Dual Lumen ECMO Catheters that fall under the recall include lot number N18487, with the manufacture date of Aug. 14, 2014, and the expiration date of Aug. 30, 2018; and the not number 18487-1, with the manufacture date of April ... Read More

Lithium Battery Explosion Sets Wisconsin Home on Fire

A lithium battery that was charging inside a drone is believed to be the cause of house fire near Racine, Wisconsin Sunday, Sept. 3. The (Racine) Journal Times reports that the occupants of the home, located in the town of Sturtevant, just a few miles west of Racine, made it out of the burning building unharmed, but there was concern that their cat did not. Rajelio Ramirez, a neighbor who lives next door to the home that caught fire, called 911 when the woman who lived in the house with her boyfriend ran over and asked for help. The woman ... Read More

Effects of Fracking and Benzene Tracked in Documentary

A 2016 documentary called “Dear President Obama, The Clean Energy Revolution is Now” examines how fracking, a horizontal method of drilling for oil that involves extremely high water pressure, is hazardous to people and the environment. According to the film’s official website, its creators hope to convince national leaders to “focus on clean energy solutions that would allow us to proceed towards a future that does not rely on yet another dirty fossil fuel extraction process.” The documentary notes that during Obama’s eight-year presidency, fracking grew as the most the popular, and controversial, way to drill for oil on American soil. But ... Read More

Lawsuit Blames Tractor-Trailer For Deadly Chicago Crash

The wife of a tractor-trailer driver who was killed last year when he crashed into the back of another tractor-trailer that pulled onto the shoulder of I-55 in Chicago is suing the driver of that truck and three trucking companies. Melissa Hansen filed the lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court Aug. 10, seeking damages on eight counts over the deadly crash. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the Illinois State Police reported that Hansen’s husband, William Hansen Jr., 60, was traveling in the right northbound lane of I-55 on Dec. 20, 2016, when he crashed into the back of the other ... Read More

Statin recalled due to labeling mixup

International Laboratories LLC is recalling one lot of pravastatin tablets, a generic version of the cholesterol-lowering statin Pravachol, because the bottle may contain bupropion, a generic version of the antidepressant Wellbutrin. This labeling mixup could cause a patient to suffer potential serious side effects. For example, someone who mistakenly takes bupropion could experience nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, headache, constipation, sweating, sore throat, diarrhea, dizziness, restlessness and blurry vision. These are typically minor and reversible side effects. But people with epilepsy are at higher risk of seizure on bupropion because it lowers the seizure threshold. Also, people taking MAOIs can have ... Read More

Whistleblowers Claim United Healthcare Defrauded Medicare

A whistleblower lawsuit against United Healthcare Services Inc., which operates the largest private Medicare Advantage plan, was unsealed in Wisconsin recently, revealing allegations that the insurer defrauded Medicare by collecting bonuses to which it was not entitled, among other accusations. Whistleblowers James Mlaker of Milwaukee and David Jurczyk of Waterford, Wisconsin, filed the lawsuit last October under the False Claims Act, which authorizes private parties to sue on behalf of the U.S. government in cases of suspected fraud against taxpayer-funded government agencies and programs. According to Kaiser Health News, Mr. Mlaker is a former sales agent for United’s Medicare Advantage ... Read More

Same equipment used to make Car polish, mouthwash

During a rather unappetizing inspection of Wisconsin-based ChemRite CoPac Inc.’s facility, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found concerning manufacturing practices such as using the same equipment to make its over-the-counter and other oral products as it used to make industrial car polishes and other nonpharmaceutical products. The car polishes are paraffin-based and have warning labels that state “harmful or fatal if swallowed” and “keep out of reach of children.” “The ingredients in your non-pharmaceutical products are extremely difficult to remove from manufacturing equipment, and could contaminate the drug products that you manufacture on shared equipment, such as the various ... Read More

Lawsuit over Merck’s shingles vaccine

A group of consumers across the country claim they have suffered a persistent strain of shingles after receiving Merck & Co.’s shingles vaccine Zostavax, and have launched a product liability action against the drug maker in New Jersey state court for not adequately warning about the risks associated with the vaccine, Law360 reported. Some consumers claim to have developed a condition called postherpetic neuralgia, resulting in nerve damage and pain. One victim says her symptoms were accompanied by scarring. The lawsuit was filed July 11 in Middlesex County Superior Court by 18 plaintiffs from Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, ... Read More

Patriotic themed fireworks recalled

Just in advance of Independence Day, American Promotional Events, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, has issued a recall for its TNT Red, White & Blue Smoke fireworks. The company says the fireworks can explode unexpectedly after being lit, posing a burn and injury hazard to consumers. American Promotional Events has received three reports of incidents involving the recalled fireworks, including three people suffering burn injuries. The recalled fireworks are pyrotechnic devices that make smoke when lit. They were sold in a bag containing three canisters: one red, one blue and one white. Each colored smoke firework ... Read More