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atv accidents

serious injury and death have resulted from rollover accidents and other incidents involving atvs

Oct. 15, 2008, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission released the 2007 Annual Report of All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)-Related Deaths and Injuries, which compiled ATV-related fatality information available to CPSC staff as of Dec. 31, 2007, and ATV-related injury data for emergency-room-treated injuries occurring through Dec. 31, 2007.

According to the report, by the end of 2007 the CPSC had received reports of 8,995 ATV-related deaths between 1982 and 2007. The CPSC reported 542 ATV-related deaths in 2007. The CPSC report states that data is still being collected for 2005 through 2007, so it expects the numbers of reported deaths for that time period to increase as those numbers become available.

The report also reveals that young people under 16 years of age make up about 28 percent of those killed in ATV-related accidents, and children younger than 12 make up 12 percent of the total.

In 2007, the CPSC estimates 150,900 emergency-room treated injuries related to ATV accidents, up from 146,600 in 2006.

yamaha rhino

Yamaha Rhino, a popular all terrain vehicle (ATV) manufactured by Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., is the subject of particular legal scrutiny after cases of serious injury and death have resulted from rollover accidents involving the vehicle. The Rhino has been in production since 2003.

Pending claims allege that design defects make the Rhino fundamentally unstable. Information on the company’s web site, www.yamaha-motor.com and in the Yamaha Rhino Owner’s Manual acknowledges that “abrupt maneuvers or aggressive driving have caused rollovers – even on flat, open areas.”

do you have a claim for an atv or yamaha rhino accident?

If you or a loved one has suffered injury as a result of an ATV or Yamaha Rhino ATV accident, or if you have suffered the death of a loved one resulting from a Yamaha Rhino ATV or other ATV rollover or other crash, you may have a claim against the manufacturer of the ATV.

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Plaintiff wins landmark case in Georgia for Yamaha Rhino injuries

Yamaha Motor Corp. has lost a lawsuit filed against the company by a plaintiff who received extensive leg injuries when his Rhino ATV flipped, pinning him underneath. The case marks the first time a jury has awarded damages to a plaintiff for injuries sustained in a Rhino accident. The Georgia State Court jury awarded the plaintiff $371,002 to compensate for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, lost future wages, and loss of consortium. The case is one of dozens of other such cases filed against Yamaha in Gwinnett County, Georgia, where the company’s registered agent for the United States ... Read More

CPSC warns Memorial Day weekend among deadliest times for ATV riders

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is warning All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) riders to take precautions to stay safe this holiday weekend and riding season. For the 4-day period surrounding the 2009 Memorial Day holiday, CPSC is aware of 27 fatalities, with two under the age of 16, averaging almost seven deaths a day. As the prime ATV riding season kicks into gear, so does the increase in deaths. Just last month, CPSC staff was aware through media reports of at least 40 fatalities between April 1st and April 30th, including 12 involving children younger than 16 years ... Read More

Government Accountability Office releases ATV report

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has released a new report called “All-Terrain Vehicles: How They Are Used, Crashes, and Sales of Adult-Sized Vehicles for Children’s Use.” The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, which is responsible for monitoring ATV safety and federal rulemaking affecting the manufacturing, sale and use of the vehicles, requires GAO to report on the various uses and advantages of ATVs and the nature, frequency and costs associated with ATV crashes. The CPSC and GAO define ATVs as “off-road motorized vehicles, usually with four tires, a straddle seat for the operator, and handlebars for steering control.” The ATV ... Read More

ATV crash kills Minnesota woman, injures another

A 31-year-old Minnesota woman died Saturday when the all-terrain vehicle she was a passenger on crashed into a tree. According to the Bemidji Pioneer, Jessica Christopherson was riding on a 2004 Honda TRX 650R ATV driven by Chad Tabaka, also 30 years old, when the accident occurred. According to a press release from the Hubbard County, Minnesota, Sheriff’s office, Tabaka lost control of the vehicle, which caused it to leave the road and strike a tree. The accident was reported about 6 p.m. in Steamboat River Township. Emergency workers declared Christopherson, a resident of Benedict, Minn., dead at the scene ... Read More

Five girls injured in Yamaha Rhino rollover

A 5-year-old girl from Iron County, Utah has been hospitalized with injuries she received when the driver of a Yamaha Rhino she was a passenger in lost control of the vehicle and struck a tree. Four other girls ages 5 to 9 were also in the vehicle and suffered minor injuries. According to Iron County Sheriff Mark Gower, the girls were riding the Rhino on a private ranch about 40 miles west of Cedar City in southwestern Utah near the Nevada and Arizona borders. The Rhino’s driver, a 9-year-old girl, hit the tree at a high rate of speed. Gower ... Read More

ATV rollover kills 22-year-old student pilot

A 22-year-old student helicopter pilot was killed early Sunday morning when the all-terrain vehicle she was driving rolled over. Reports say that Aura Corina Dacin, who friends described as a free spirit, “wild child” and thrill seeker, was driving the ATV at Oakland-Troy Airport in Troy, Michigan, when the rollover occurred.  According to Troy Police, Dacin was out riding ATVs with her flight instructor Saturday night when she hit a cement pad just before 1 a.m., causing the rollover. Dacin was ejected from the vehicle and hit her head. The ATV then landed on top of her. Dacin was taken ... Read More

Maryland boy drowns after ATV rollover

A four-year-old boy was found dead last Saturday night in a creek bed after the all-terrain vehicle he was driving flipped, pinning him underneath. According to initial reports, the boy was last seen playing outside with a group of children on his parents’ property in Frederick County, Maryland, before he wandered off on his own and got on the Polaris Predator 50cc ATV, a model designed for children.  The boy’s parents told authorities they did not know the boy had taken the ATV and that they began to search for him “within several minutes.” They found the boy just after ... Read More

Canadian study tests ATVs for stability, finds need for regulation

From the city of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, where vast open spaces and rugged terrain translate to a love of off-roading, comes a university study that tests the lateral stability of all-terrain vehicles and questions the standards, or rather lack of standards, that govern their safety. According to the Edmonton Journal, last year a Canadian investigative news program asked Dr. David Checkel of the University of Alberta to help test ATV stability and safety for a report. Dr. Checkel, a mechanical engineering professor, agreed to conduct the tests and assembled a team of engineering students to help him. “There was ... Read More

ATV rollover claims another child’s life in Mississippi

A bill that would have encouraged ATV safety by setting age and passenger limits and requiring passengers to wear helmets died in Mississippi’s last legislative session. Now another child is dead and two others injured following an ATV accident in the Hebron Community, located about halfway between Jackson and Hattiesburg in the south-central portion of state. According to authorities, 18-year-old Taykra Murphy was driving an Arctic Cat Prowler with three children on board, ranging in age from 3 to 11 . Jones County Sheriff Alex Hodge said that Murphy lost control of the vehicle just after 11:30 a.m. Sunday. The ... Read More

ATV rollover claims the life of 19-year-old Illinois student

A 19-year old Illinois man died Saturday evening after the all-terrain vehicle he was driving rolled over and landed on top of him. Authorities investigating the accident said the victim, identified as Leonard Mlynarczyk, a resident of Bloomingdale in the Chicago suburbs, was riding his ATV at a park in Yorkville around 10 p.m. Saturday night when the accident occurred. Bloomingdale police said that Mlynarczyk was rushed to Copley Medical Center in Aurora where he was pronounced dead later that evening. They did not specify the nature of Mlynarczyk’s injuries and the accident remains under investigation. The fatal rollover stunned ... Read More